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Data Collection

At ISMS, we recognize that data collection plays a critical role in implementing reliable and high quality research. Our Research Division consists of a team of professionals trained in all aspects of data collection, including field supervision, interviewing for both quantitative and qualitative studies, and direct observation.

For large-scale studies that require large teams of data collectors, ISMS hires local professionals and students trained in public health. To prepare them for fieldwork, these personnel are given thorough training that is tailored to the research study at hand. Training involves familiarizing the team with data collection instruments and techniques, role playing and problem solving, practicing with and piloting the study’s data collection instruments, and learning about the rights of study participants and the importance of confidentiality. A similar approach is taken to training qualitative interviewers, who learn about the content of the interview guides, develop interpersonal communication and interviewing skills, and practice with each other and in the field before a study begins.  All data collection training is conducted by senior ISMS researchers with years’ of experience conducting fieldwork for research in Vietnam.

Most of our data are collected in-person. We have incorporated computer assisted program interviewing (CAPI) as a data collection method. CAPI simplifies quantitative data entry, transfer and storage, while significantly reducing missing data and errors. Adopting CAPI infuses our studies with an added level of quality control, security and efficiency.

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