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Data Management & Analysis

As experts in all stages of research implementation, one of our areas of expertise is data management and analysis. Our research team is skilled in the management and analysis of both quantitative and qualitative data.

Quality control is incorporated into all aspects of data management and analysis. ISMS takes measures to protect the identity of our study subjects and the integrity of the data.  Before entering data, all of the questionnaires, forms or transcripts are first checked for completeness. Data entry is then overseen by a specially trained Data Management Specialist and conducted by trained data entry workers.

Quantitative data collected via paper questionnaires are entered using EpiData software and MS Excel. We practice double entry to ensure accuracy. Using validation reports and logical checks, mistakes are corrected and data are verified. Data are then transferred to statistical analysis software such as SPSS, Stata or SAS for further data checking and cleaning.  Qualitative data, such as transcripts from in-depth interviews or focus group discussions, are first transcribed verbatim and then transferred to the appropriate analysis software, such as Altas.ti or NVivo.

Our senior investigators have considerable education and experience performing and overseeing data analyses in accordance with the study design and research questions.  Quantitative analysis involves employing advanced biostatistical methods in SPSS or Stata, including descriptive, bivariate and multivariate analyses. Our team also includes experts in qualitative techniques such as in vivo and a priori coding, organization of themes, interpretation of findings and writing of results. Investigators choose an approach that is deemed most relevant to the study purpose like ethnography, grounded theory, field research, mixed methods, or case studies.

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