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ISMS-SC Services: Data Management

At ISMS-SC, we offer technical expertise in data management processes such as data entry, data validation and data processing. For each project, we strictly follow our data management operational policy that emphasizes privacy, security, accuracy and speed. Using the latest technology and software tools, our trained data entry workers enter textual and numeric data rapidly and with precision. For numeric data, we practice double entry and validation to guarantee a high level of accuracy. In addition, our studies that employ CAPI benefit from added quality control mechanisms that are programmed into the software before data collection begins.

After data entry and validation of quantitative data, we conduct rigorous logical, consistency and missing data checks to further ensure data quality. Datasets are then transferred to the preferred software for statistical analysis. Qualitative interviews are transcribed verbatim into MS Word and checked for accuracy. Upon verification, the transcripts are compiled and transferred to the appropriate analysis software. Our clients are ultimately provided with a final, clean dataset with fully labeled variables and a detailed codebook.

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