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Who we are & What we do?

The Centre for Nutrition, Maternal and Child Health of ISMS (ISMS-CNMCH) is a research- based centre specializing in Nutrition and Health. ISMS-CNMCH is located in Hanoi, Vietnam, at the headquarter of the Institute of Social and Medical Studies.

We aim to become a leading centre in the provision of research activities that advances nutrition research, clinical nutrition as well as maternal and child health in Vietnam.

Our partners include academic organizations, research institutions, international and domestic NGOs, foundations, universities, government agencies, and businesses.

Our service

We implement activities in the field of nutrition and maternal and child health including:

1. Grant projects
2. Consultation/research contract
Research, development, and transfer of solutions/products for health and treatment
4. Consultation and support for health and treatment

Through our service, partners have access to a multidisciplinary team of research professionals including nutrition and health, sociomedical, development economics, public health, public policy and anthropology.

Please contact us for any of your needs at dinhduongsuckhoe@isms.org.vn.

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