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The present, Osteoporosis is a common disease in the elderly in globally and Vietnam. Osteoporosis common has become a problem should be interested in the work of primary health care in the community especially in the elderly and postmenopausal women.

In an effort to osteoporosis prevent, especially for women, January 5/2014, Institute of Social and Medical Studies conducted clinical trials "Effect of Canxipro milk additional on bone destisy for Vietnam’s Women decreased bone destisy”.  The studies conducted to assess the effects of canxipro milk in Vietnam is necessary, it contribute to clarity the issue of Osteoporosis and effective intervention assessment of canxipro milk on the specific object Vietnamese, contributing on solutions improve the health status of people in the coming years.



The objectives of researchs

1)     Assessment of bone density (lumba spine and femoral neck) of women age 50 – 59.

2)     Assessment of nutrition status, frequency of consumption high in calcium food for women  50-59 years old decrsease bone density.

3)     Assessment effective of interventions by additional Canxipro milk on bone density of women 50-59 years old decreased bone density. 


Objects and research sites.

Research sites: Nguyen Uy and Dai Cuong commune, Kim Bang district, Ha Nam provinece.

Objects: Womens 50-59 years old.


Research Method

Screening research was conducted at the beginning of week 03/2014 in 10 day to choose 450 women from 50 to 59 years old decrease bone density (225 object for each group 50-54 years old and 54-59 years old).

Collected indicators include:

1)     Nutrition status (height, weight)

2)     Bone density measurement by DXA  method to determine the object decreased bone density into intervention.

The decreased bone density object are selected to participate in the data collection on dietary, socioeconomic, knowledge and nutrition behavior. And then, 80 object was selected for each group and arranged in 40 pairs/age group similar to dietary, socioeconomic, education to balance achieve between the two intervention and control plots.

160 object were doing blood test to assess blood ion canxi status.


The intervention activities was conducted in 12 week in the each following groups:

In the 2 control groups (2 age groups): not intervened, the objects kept life  normal activities before.

In the 2 intervention groups (2 age groups): additional 2 cup of canxipro milk for every day, on 12 consecutive weeks.

The media education activities on basic nutrition for 2 group were similar conduct. The difference point is only in the intervention group was added canxipro milk of the time between meals for 12 consecutive weeks.

Intervention process assessment was conducted at the time of 4 weeks with the same criteria  as the baline in the two intervention groups and a control group to examine  the effectiveness and trends intervention.

Monitoring activity: Object received and drink canxipro milk (2 packeges/day) from collaborator. Collaborator conduct monitoring and note in the collaborator handbook: some turn to drink milk, the symptoms encountered… Researchers, Ha Nam Health Centre also monitor and check the drink milk of the object to ensure that drink milk on regular basic, fully.

Affter intervention Assessment was conducted affter 12 weeks.Survey time is 5 day. All object in intervention group and control group is participate on survey. The indicators and data collection method in baline and endline is the same.



ISMS conducted the data collection, management and data analysis. The final product includes data sets for each components, final report and summary of key result. Study results will be presented in “Work shop on osteoporosis and intervention preventions” at Jul, 2014 with the participation of representatives from the Ministry of Health, National Institute of Nutrition, Osteoporosis Association, forums, news papers, television... Information about the conference will be broadcast on Vietnam Television, study result will be published in the mass media. The study result are cornerstone of osteoporosis prevention efforts in Vietnam.

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