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The Training Center at ISMS (ISMS-TC) offers training in public health and social development to local professionals and organizations in areas including research methods, program development, and monitoring and evaluation. ISMS is a leader in developing and implementing training programs, including TTT for a range of target audiences, including health care providers and public health professionals. The training programs implemented by ISMS’ Training Center include in-class training courses and online training courses on research methodology, inter-personal communication skills for behavior changes (including counseling skills), and training methodology for trainers and health care training. The online training courses are conducted via the online training system at lms.etraining.vn (www.etraining.vn provides information on the courses). The Training Center (TC) has 5 senior trainers: 2 full-time staff at the TC and 3 staff from other ISMS’ divisions. Three senior trainers hold a MD and a doctoral degree in Public Health and 2 hold a master degree. The senior trainers are assisted by 6 training assistants and supporting staff.

An example of one of our TTT programs is a TTT curriculum to build capacity among Thai Nguyen University of Medicine and Pharmacy faculty and staff in research methodology, study design and data analysis.  The TTT program was developed and implemented by ISMS in partnership with the Population Council Viet Nam (PCVN) and funding from Atlantic Philanthropies. In addition to experience developing and conducting training courses and TTT programs we have experience designing and integrating robust evaluations for each of these trainings. For example, from 2011-2012, ISMS conducted the evaluation of the Alive and Thrive training programs for health professionals at commune and district levels in 15 project provinces of Viet Nam. In the period 2015-2016, in partnership with VINACOSH (Viet Nam’s MOH Tobacco Control Program) and experts in tobacco dependence treatment from New York University School of Medicine (NYUSOM), ISMS develops an evidence-based healthcare professional training curriculum for tobacco use treatment. We implemented and evaluated this core curriculum among health care providers working in CHCs from communes of two districts in Thai Nguyen province. In collaboration with Bach Mai Hospital, we conducted a TTT course for 65 national master trainers. The master trainers then conducted training with health professionals in the health system nation-wide. 

Besides, in 2013, ISMS collaborated with Westat to provide online training courses via Webex successfully. ISMS also financially and technically sponsors some helpful website such as Thongke.info which provides online resource where researchers and students in Vietnam can exchange knowledge, skills, and experience on statistics and research; vquit.vn which provides online-support for tobacco cessation counseling and treatment; and imom.vn which provides knowledge on nutrition for mothers and children.

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