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Costing and economic effectiveness analysis of the programs and interventions

Economic evaluation encompasses a broad range of methods that measure real or expected changes in operational and impact indicators associated with health service delivery and technologies during all stages of the program and intervention life cycle. Evaluation addresses different program and intervention components, generally focusing on inputs, outputs, processes, and outcomes. Economic evaluation, along with research on safety, efficacy, and effectiveness are crucial inputs for assessing health program and interventions for use in low-resource settings.

ISMS employs the most common type of economic evaluation – the cost-effectiveness analysis (CEA) - to evaluate and to compare the outcomes and costs of interventions of two or more alternatives or compares a new intervention or treatment with the status quo. Evidence of CEA will be used for awareness raising and advocacy activities to prioritise and to allocate resources to those interventions with the greatest impact on the burden of disease, ultimately improving human and social development in low-resource settings.

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